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​I am delighted that you are taking a look at the photography services that we offer!  First and foremost, I hope that you like what you see with our photo shooting style and techniques.


Our photos have a “pop” and “wow” to them and we believe that the photos tell the story line of your special day with great detail and flair!  My personal motto is that if someone smiles or cries because of a happy emotion after seeing our photographs, I have done my job.  


Before coming back to Winston Salem (since my high school days here), I have lived in Los Angeles for 10 years and worked in front of the camera, being in numerous photo shoots for print/commercial advertisements, alongside many skilled photographers.  I learned from these industry leading photographers in the entertainment industry, about their talent that sets them apart from others.  


After taking many photography courses and classes to further develop my personal style, I started photographing headshots.  As my experience grew, I applied my “pop” and “wow” techniques to weddings as well. 


I was honored to have been able to take a specialized wedding photography course taught by a premier Beverly Hills wedding photographer of Hollywood celebrities as well as coursework with the New York Institute of Photography.


I am also a WPPI Certified Photographer.  WPPI Certified Photographers are trained and certified in technical skills, creative artistry, and business professionalism, to have the necessary skills to photograph priceless, once-in-a-lifetime events.  


As for our wedding packages, all of our wedding shoots comes with two photographers (myself and our 2nd photographer).  Our wedding photos capture many moments that are missed in situations where there is only one photographer. 


We love to meet with prospective clients to chat about your plans and vision for your special wedding day!  

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